Universal Chip Resetter For Canon PGI-5, CLI-8 Ink CartridgesZoom

Universal Chip Resetter For Canon PGI-5, CLI-8 Ink Cartridges

Item# CanonResetter
  • Do not throw away your expensive Canon original cartridges. They can be reset and refilled.

  • This chip resetter can reset the IC in the Canon cartridges to full mode and thereby enabling the cartridge to function as new, and does not change the property of the cartridge. Then the empty cartridge to be reset and refilled to full can be reused after the ink is refilled. Your printer will read ink levels like a brand new Canon Cartridge.

  • The chip resetter will reset the chip exactly to the original specs, thus preventing printing errors, data loss or any injury or loss to your printer warranty.

  • The chip resetter has a built-in element, which prevents faulty programming or short circuits.

  • Our Chip Resetter will reset the IC (smart chips) on all CANON OEM PGI-5BK, CLI-8BK, CLI-8C, CLI-8M, CLI-8Y, CLI-8PC, CLI-8PM, CLI-8R, CLI-8G

  • It also works with the corresponding compatible cartridges as long as the compatible cartridges do not have one-time-use chip on them. 

  • It comes with an adaptor, so you do not need to buy two different resetters for the PGI-5BK and CLI-8 cartridges. Do not let others charge you $5-$10 for the adaptor.

  • It will automatically identify the cartridge model and detect the chip on the cartridge is in a good state or not, then reset the chip

  • Battery is replaceable. The built-in battery can reset 5000+ times.

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